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التعليق على الاكتشافات خلال رحلتي الروحية.

5 أسابيع للعيش – أسبوع 1

From the Man In The Mirror Bible Study: Finding a Deeper Personal Relationship with God

The Big Idea: The turning point of our lives is when we stop seeking the God we want, and start seeking the God who is.

Imagine the doctor just told you, "I'm sorry, but you only have five weeks to live." What would be important to you? What would you want to do, and with whom? In this lesson we start delving into the five most important realms of a man's life. I'm going to start off by telling you the greatest lesson I've ever learned. We'll talk about how your life and legacy--whether 5 more weeks or 50 more years--can be filled with love, peace, joy, significance, purpose, beauty, worship, awe, great relationships, and leaving the world a better place.


وتتمتع أوهايو الطقس & غروب الشمس

Beautiful sunset in Ohio, provided by GodAfter work this evening, we decided to get out of the house for a while and enjoy the wonderful weather today. We went to a park near our house. A lot of people were out playing basketball, soccer and walking/running on the paved trail. We were the slooooooowwwwww walkers.

We did take a nice walk. It wasn't a long one, but we walked to a bench part of the way around the trail. We sat and watched the people out and about, a CPD helicopter (an MD500) circling around the I-71 / Polaris Parkway interchange and of course the sunset.

And what a sunset! Staying until about sundown, look at what the Lord provided to cap off our enjoyment (note: some color correction was done in Blender). What a show!

Take care & God bless you!


ثلاث سنوات – إذا نظرنا إلى الوراء في وجود CES


I was looking at a picture on my phone the other day, cleaning off those that have been transferred to the computer. I came across a picture I took of 2 men ice fishing on Indian Lake. 20130209_130638 I didn't know why I had kept that particular photo. Then I saw the date - 02/09/2013.

I didn't know it, but my life was about to be altered forever. The next day, while doing yard work, I moved a concrete splash pad a couple of feet. Unknown to me was that a disc in my back, the L4/L5 disc, had ruptured. It was pushing forward, into the Cauda Equina, the place where your spinal cord splits off into the root nerves that run throughout your body below your waist. As it pushed, the nerves compressed.

You may read about Cauda Equina Syndrome on another page of this site. I have adapted to a new life, a different life. لذلك هذا هو احتفال! الذكرى أخرى في الكتب، وأنا لا يزالون يعيشون حياة مفيدة - المحبة زوجتي, عامل, تعليم, التوجيه والسعي لترك إيجابية & تركة صعبة في ذلك الوقت عندما لم تعد تستطيع أن تفعل الأشياء في هذه القائمة.

شكرا لزيارتكم ~ ديفيد


لقد كان لفترة طويلة, رحلة بطيئة, لكننا عدنا في واضحة! It has been a long while since I've posted. Life has been very, مشغول جدا بالنسبة لنا لوقت طويل جدا. Some of what was faced dictated that it would be better to remove this website and youtube videos from public view. For that, أنا حقا آسف.

بلدي يوتيوب فيديو له تقريبا 700 أفكار في هذا الشأن, حتى الآن هو فصاعدا والتصاعدي ل 1000! Getting the word out about life with CES. Based on interaction on the internet, وهو أكثر شيوعا مما يتصور الأطباء. It isn't, لكن, عقوبة لسريرك أو على كرسي متحرك لبقية حياتك. Maybe not even pain!

في الوقت الراهن, أنا أكتب فقط هذه المذكرة قصيرة. More coming soon!

14 سبتمبر 2015