CES | Ay 8 Cauda Equina Sindromlu

Cauda equina sindromu ilə 8 ay indi kitab və nə bir ay! Biz Sep 6th geri bizim köhnə ev köçürülüb və unpacking prosesi başladı. Mən Sep zaman çıxardı 6 - 15 mən hərəkət nəzarət kömək edə bilər (və bəlkə hətta bir az kömək edir.) … Daha Böyük Reading…

CES | Ay 7

Another month as a sufferer of CES is in the books. I must say, it has been a pivotal month in my life, if not my recovery. Moving is about done with. We still have a carload of odds & ends remaining at the old place, along with clean up there (and some painting). At… Daha Böyük Reading…

Bizim xüsusi Angel… Siz whomever

    Thank you to our special Angel, whom God sent to bless us! Your gift that you offered up on July 22nd was received with great humbleness at your act of obedience and love. You will not know

Isınmayı, Yekun Fəsil (biz ümid edirik…)

Sooner or later it would come down to the water pump. First overheating episode was determined to be due to a faulty radiator header tank cap. That was replaced and no more overheats for several weeks. Sonra, in OverheatingThe Sequel , we had to stop on the side of the road and call… Daha Böyük Reading…

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