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Turska shoot….

Sometimes I’ve been accused of taking things too literally. Guilty of that, I am. This could have been me….          

Kada je Dr. kaže da će samo uzeti 1/2 sat…

Went to have my annual oncology exam for my left eye. Discovered about 6 prije godina, it seems I’ve had a mole on the back of the inside of my left eye. This mole, also known as anevuswas regularly measured by my ophthalmologist each year. In 2012, he thought it looked like the… More Great Reading

Vreo vazduh (dobro, zapravo, tečnosti za hlađenje motora)

  This week, our 98 Cadillac began leaking engine coolant. NOT a good thingSo we took it to the shop. Turns out it was a radiator cap gone bad. This IS a good thingWith my CES, I need a vehicle with more than average room to get in and out of. Vehicles with… More Great Reading

Gube strpljenje s Bogom…

Have you ever wondered how long a trial will last? Or suffered through multiple trials at once? If so, perhaps you feel as I do sometimesLike this faithful dog, I sometimes feel as though I’ve sat in the downpour of troubles and trials for plenty long enough. And I wonder, “Why hasn’t… More Great Reading

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