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Salutació del Nadal i anual d'actualització de vídeo – 3 el meu & 30 segon

La seva fins! Ahead of time, per una vegada. And this one is our best yet! Bon Nadal & Beneït Any Nou a tots vostès.   David & Kim

Què columna fan les seves parts del cos cauen sota?

Estic assistint a una classe molt interessant a l'església el diumenge al matí. It is based on the Body of Evidence study by Answers In Genesis. Our class is being led by a member who is a physical therapist. My wife has a degree in Biology and she is also finding the class interesting (having not used… Més Gran Lectura…

Bon Nadal

Christmas Greetings from our home to yours – Bon Nadal! May you be blessed in this season as we celebrate Jesus’ naixement!  

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