Three YearsLooking Back at Having CES


Estava buscant en una imatge al telèfon l'altre dia, la neteja de les que s'han transferit a l'ordinador. Em vaig trobar amb una foto que vaig prendre de 2 els homes de pesca de gel a Indian Lake. 20130209_130638 I didn't know why I had kept that particular photo. Llavors vaig veure la data - 02/09/2013.

I didn't know it, but my life was about to be altered forever. The next day, while doing yard work, I moved a concrete splash pad a couple of feet. Unknown to me was that a disc in my back, the L4/L5 disc, had ruptured. It was pushing forward, into the Cauda Equina, the place where your spinal cord splits off into the root nerves that run throughout your body below your waist. As it pushed, the nerves compressed.

You may read about Cauda Equina Syndrome on another page of this site. I have adapted to a new life, a different life. So this is a celebration! Another anniversary in the books and I am still living a useful life - loving my wife, working, teaching, mentoring and striving to leave a positive & challenging legacy for that time when I no longer can do the things on this list.

Thanks for stopping by ~ David