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Vivo estas Mallonga – Ami Malfacile! Esti Preparita!

Vivo estas Mallonga – Ami Malfacile & Be Prepared Sunday I was reminded of how short life can be when I received word that one of the young ladies in a youth group I worked with about 30 years ago, was found dead inside her home last Thursday morning. She was 43 and leaves behind… Pli Granda Legado…

Vera #Du?ejo dum Vivanta kun Cauda Equina Sindromo

I’ve reached another milestone! This week I was able to take a full shower while standing! That doesn’t sound like a big deal to some, but to us who deal with Cauda Equina Syndrome standing for any length of time is not an option. One of the things CES takes from you is leg strength…. Pli Granda Legado…

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