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See ei ole soojuse, see niiskus! Kohtuprotsess Cauda equina sündroom

Growing up in central Georgia, I often heard this expression. We all know that a humid day feels much more miserable than a day at the same temperature with low humidity. We’re going to look at our human suffering and trials that we encounter in life from the same type of perspective. What I have… Veel Great Reading…

Mis on kõike?

Nagu ma läheneda 55 aastane, Võin öelda, et mul on olnud suur elu, aga ma olen ka olnud probleeme. I’ve always been one who wants to share the great things I find with others. Those who know, tean, et ma ei ole välja tuua päevakorrale mind. In and of myself, I… Veel Great Reading…

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