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بیش از حد, فصل نهایی (ما امیدواریم که…)

Cadillac water pump inside its housing - NorthStar V8 engine.

Sooner or later it would come down to the water pump. First overheating episode was determined to be due to a faulty radiator header tank cap. That was replaced and no more overheats for several weeks. سپس, in Overheating - The Sequel , we had to stop on the side of the road and call for a AAA tow.

So we decided, Continue reading بیش از حد, فصل نهایی (ما امیدواریم که…)

بیش از حد خودرو, بخش 2


خوب, ماشین بیش از حد یک بار دیگر پرورش داده شده سر زشت خود را امروز. ما را در راه ما به خانه از کلیسا زمانی که دمای سیستم خنک کننده شروع به بالا رفتن. این خودرو تحت ماندن شده بود 200 (195 دستگاه تنظیمگرما) مگر اینکه ما اجازه دهید آن را غیر فعال.

خب امروز آن را برای حدود بیکار 10 minutes before I got out of the church and out to the car. With air temps approaching 90 degrees, Kim had idled the car with the A/C on to cool it down before I got in. I think that got it going. As we left, the temp began climbing. Continue reading بیش از حد خودرو, بخش 2

هوای گرم (خوب, در حقیقت, مایع خنک کننده موتور)


This week, our 98 Cadillac began leaking engine coolant. NOT a good thing...

So we took it to the shop. Turns out it was a radiator cap gone bad.

This IS a good thing...

With my CES, I need a vehicle with more than average room to get in and out of. Vehicles with ingress and egress which require acrobatic skills are not good. برای من, that is most vehicles.

Since our "Piggy" is old, we know that sooner or later, a repair will be needed that is worth more than the car is. But for now, other than the gas, she's cheap transportation. DRIVE ON!!