Aer te (go maith, iarbhír, chuisnithe inneall)


This week, ár 98 Cadillac thosaigh leaking chuisnithe inneall. NOT a good thing...

Mar sin, thóg muid é go dtí an siopa. Géara amach go raibh sé ina caipín radaitheora imithe dona.

This IS a good thing...

Le mo CES, Dhíth orm feithicil le níos mó ná seomra meán a fháil isteach agus amach as. Vehicles with ingress and egress which require acrobatic skills are not good. For me, that is most vehicles.

Since our "Piggy" is old, we know that sooner or later, a repair will be needed that is worth more than the car is. But for now, other than the gas, she's cheap transportation. DRIVE ON!!