Collateral Damage de síndrome do rabo eqüina

Walk This Way...

Como vostede sabe que ter, ou coñecer a alguén que ten, Síndrome de cabalos Cauda, fai unha parodia da súa marcha a pé. I've described myself as walking like Frankenstein. Agora vén novo, cousas divertidas que o CES ten feito.

Sentimento comezou a volver para os lados meus nocellos. Como ten, I've noticed a different type of pain on the outside of my right ankle. My wife looked at it and said there is a small bump there.

broken ankle side x-ray
Jared Zimmerman / / CC BY-NC-ND

At first, I thought that my shoe must be rubbing me. But the bump was hard. Of a morning, before my feet swell during the day, there is almost no pain unless it is touched. As the feet swell my shoe comes in contact with the bump and it gets progressively painful through the day despite my pain meds. It peaks at about a 3 and affects my gait.



I went to a podiatrist this morning. Diagnosis - probable torn tendon. This "nodule" is just what to expect from this condition. Surprise, surprise! The Doctor was actually aware of CES and knew quite a bit about it.

Next up, an MRI to confirm diagnosis and a nerve conduction test to determine extent of my nerve regeneration in the lower extremities.

Síndrome de cabalos Cauda - the gift that keeps on giving!