Que é DavidUnthank.com todo sobre?

Ao me achegar 55 anos, I can say that I've had a great life, but I've also had challenges. I've always been one who wants to share the great things I find with others. Those who know, sabe que eu non estou fóra para levar os focos sobre min. In and of myself, Eu son un non descritivas home máis vello que nunca foi confundido con unha peza, nin eu son un xigante mentais. I am not particularly glib, nin teño o don da palabra. I am every man. As we all go through life, cada un de nós atopar persoas, lugares, e eventos que son especiais. Some even change us for the rest of our lives and beyond. Most of us want to share these things, and other things are special only to us or those who were present. I will be putting forth my experiences during my battling Cauda Equina Syndrome so that both groups of people may share and enjoy the journey my life has been, and will be. May you draw strength and inspiration. Enjoy!

na viaxe

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