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Just what the title says.

Three YearsLooking Back at Having CES


I was looking at a picture on my phone the other day, cleaning off those that have been transferred to the computer. I came across a picture I took of 2 men ice fishing on Indian Lake. 20130209_130638 I didn't know why I had kept that particular photo. Then I saw the date - 02/09/2013.

I didn't know it, but my life was about to be altered forever. The next day, while doing yard work, I moved a concrete splash pad a couple of feet. Unknown to me was that a disc in my back, the L4/L5 disc, had ruptured. It was pushing forward, into the Cauda Equina, the place where your spinal cord splits off into the root nerves that run throughout your body below your waist. As it pushed, the nerves compressed.

You may read about Cauda Equina Syndrome on another page of this site. I have adapted to a new life, a different life. So this is a celebration! Another anniversary in the books and I am still living a useful life - loving my wife, working, teaching, mentoring and striving to leave a positive & challenging legacy for that time when I no longer can do the things on this list.

Thanks for stopping by ~ David

Enjoying the Ohio weather & sunset

Beautiful sunset in Ohio, provided by GodAfter work this evening, we decided to get out of the house for a while and enjoy the wonderful weather today. We went to a park near our house. A lot of people were out playing basketball, soccer and walking/running on the paved trail. We were the slooooooowwwwww walkers.

We did take a nice walk. It wasn't a long one, but we walked to a bench part of the way around the trail. We sat and watched the people out and about, a CPD helicopter (an MD500) circling around the I-71 / Polaris Parkway interchange and of course the sunset.

And what a sunset! Staying until about sundown, look at what the Lord provided to cap off our enjoyment (note: some color correction was done in Blender). What a show!

Take care & God bless you!


Lub neej yog Luv – Hlub Hard! Yuav Npaj!

Lub neej yog Luv - Hlub Hard & Yuav Npaj

love crossSunday kuv nco ntsoov txog yuav ua li cas lub neej yuav ua tau thaum kuv tau txais lo lus hais tias ib tug ntawm cov tub ntxhais hluas cov poj niam nyob rau hauv ib tug tub hluas ntxhais hluas pab pawg neeg kuv ua hauj lwm nrog txog 30 xyoo dhau los, twb pom tuag hauv nws lub tsev kawg Thursday sawv ntxov. She was 43 thiab yoojyim qab ib tus txiv thiab 5 cov me nyuam. The cause of death is not yet known.

Lub neej yog luv luv thiab peb tsis paub thaum peb lub sij hawm no yuav txog. In light of eternity, peb nyob no yog tab sis lub briefest ntawm flashes. What will become of you when your body ceases to function and your consciousness opens its eyes on forever? Most people believe that being a good person or doing more good than bad things, searching rau enlightenment, los yog them txog tsoo tsho yuav kho lawv cov ntsuj plig mus rau kev nplij siab nyob rau hauv lub afterlife. Jesus said all of those things are good, tab sis tsis zoo txaus.

Saib, thaum Vajtswv yog kev hlub, Nws yog tseem Dawb Huv - uas txhais tau hais tias txhua yam txog Nws, xav, lus thiab ua, yog ua los ntawm ib tug ncaj ncees kev xav. Only if you meet that measure of perfection would you even be able to exist in His presence, rau qhov Nws yog zoo meej lub teeb thiab nws Expels tag nrho qhov tsaus ntuj. So all it takes to be unable to be in His presence is one microscopic speck of imperfection. "That's impossible", koj hais! You are right about that. So in His Love, He sent Jesus to live the perfect life we're incapable of living. By doing so, Jesus was able to take our place in God's judgement. Jesus stood in our place and took our punishment. Now God is offering us a "daim gift card" - Yexus. His hand is extended, daim card nyob rau hauv Nws ntiv tes.

Yuav ua li cas peb tau ua yog hais tias txais daim gift card. If we don't take that gift card, ces thaum peb lub cev tuag, our soul cannot be in God's presence - it doesn't have the gift card to pay. It is really that simple. Taking the gift card means our soul is reborn to be molded by God into the character of Jesus - tib Yexus uas hlub peb npaum li ntawd tias Nws volunteered yuav coj peb qhov chaw. God wants us to Love Hard. Jesus said to love God with all of our being, hlub peb cov neeg zej zog raws li peb tus kheej, thiab hlub tob tob tag nrho lwm cov Khixatia.

Txawm hais tias no ncej pib nrog ib zaj dab neeg tu siab, lub Great Xov xwm yog tias Michelle tau npaum li cas hais tias daim gift card ntau xyoo dhau los. When her life ended quite unexpectedly last week, nws nthuav cov daim gift card thiab muab ntaus rau hauv lub xub ntiag ntawm tus dawb huv Vajtswv mus ib txhis. What about you? Will you make the choice to take Jesus' offer? It is simple and will change your life and afterlife. How do you do that? Check out these links:

Yooj yim, Yooj yim, Step by Step Instructions on Accepting God's Gift

Ib Lwm Teeb of Instructions

Qab Line: Lub neej yog Luv - Hlub Hard & Yuav Npaj

Update 04/02/2014:

The husband was arrested yesterday for her murder.