Ap mache sou REBAR ak Lòt etranj Bagay Ou Santi ak CES

Paske nè yo se gran wout nan sansasyon fizik nou, nou ka santi diferan kalite doulè, plezi, pikotman, yo te mouye, cho, frèt, sensations that aren't there, ak plizyè lòt sansasyon.

Avèk chval keu Sendwòm, Mwen panse ke li tonbe plis nan jis yon kèk kalite prensipal, avèk yon anpil nan sub-kalite:

  • Nòmal santi
  • Angoudi / pa gen okenn santi - manyen m ', zongle m ', oswa bwa m 'yon peny - I won't know it
  • Tingly (Zepeng ak zegwi) - Menm jan ak men ou osinon pye te ale nan dòmi ak ap kòmanse reveye
    • Subtip - Pa fè mal - sa a jis pwodui yon santiman etranj tankou yon ba nivo elektrik chòk, pa fè mal jis etranj
    • Subtip - Ki fè mal - sa a santi l tankou anyen nan men yo te mòde pa predatè rete soude dwèt ou nan yon priz elektrik mete pati nan kò ou a nan yon vize sere
    • Sub-sou-tip:
      • Sub-subtip - Andigman - santi sa a sèlman fèt nan sifas la, santi nòmal fèt nan nivo nan misk
      • Sub-subtip - Gwo twou san fon - sa a ale dwa sou a la misk ou
  • Nève - Doulè sa a kapab pran plizyè fòm:
    • Subtip - Chòk elektrik - anjeneral grav, pafwa mwens se konsa - santi l tankou sa ou ta imajine 10,000 vòlt ale atravè tout ou ta santi tankou
    • Subtip - Boule - YEP, santi l tankou nè a se sou dife
    • Subtip - Grenpe Crawly - santi l tankou "bagay sa yo" yo rale sou ou
    • Subtip - Lonje - feels like your nerve has been stretched and can't go any further (e.g. nè kouri soti nan anch gwo zòtèy - jan ou pran yon etap ak lòt pye ou ak viraj cheviy ou, ou jwenn santi a distenk ke zòtèy ou a pa pral pliye nenpòt ki plis yo ki pèmèt yon etap pi gwo - sa a se nòmalman ki fè mal, pafwa pa
    • Subtip - Phantom - any of the above that really isn't a physical cause for, but your irritated nerve thinks it is happening so you feel it anyway 🙁

Avèk CES ou ka melanje ak koresponn ak sa yo atravè tout pi ba kò ou ak ekstremite. Pou egzanp, Mwen gen yon 2 pous lajè teren atravè devan nan kwis pye dwat mwen, jis anwo jenou m ', ki te gen santiman nòmal. The whole front of my left thigh has normal feeling...

Mwen gen anpil ti zòn ki te gen santiman nòmal, pi se Tingly, Ki pa Peye fè mal. Pye gòch mwen an se definitivman Tingly douloure ak pye dwat la se TINGLY ki fè mal!!!! Senpleman mande madanm mwen, she'll tell you. Bagay ki pi mal sou pye nan dwa, menm si, ap mache sou li. No matter how expensive the cushion insert is it still feels as though I'm walking on rebar. Ou konnen, moun ki poto fèt an fè ak gwo tach leve soti vivan sou yo ki travayè konstriksyon mete nan konkrè ede li ka pi fò? Yeah, sa yo rebars. Next time you're at a home improvement or hardware store take a look at one. Lè sa a, imajine ki gen ke nan talon pye a nan soulye ou tout lajounen ak lannwit. Byenveni nan yon pati ti la CES.

I've not seen any sensory improvement since sometime around mid-April of this year. Pa sa mwen vle di ke zòn yo nan pi ba kò m ', pa te gen okenn santi, oswa santi nòmal, yo toujou menm bagay la tou. Mwen remake semèn pase a ki te yon ti teren desann la nan mitan estati ti towo bèf dwat mwen ale soti nan sifas tingly NP a pa gen okenn santi. An menm tan an mwen te dekouvri ke dwa gwo zòtèy mwen an kounye a refize y'a leve. Sa a se definitivman retou annaryè.

I don't know what is going on, but I know Who is in control of it. Without seeing God's hand in all of this, it would become easy to grow bitter and changing into a grump old man. But I'm not ready to make life miserable for everyone around me... at least not yet 😉

CES | Mwa 5 & 6

Mwen 5 te mwa anivèsè nan batay chval keu Sendwòm vini e yo ale avèk yon anpil nan busyness. Se konsa, anpil konsa se mwen menm ki mwens pase yon semèn soti nan nan fen Mwa 6.

sa yo 3

Parad la w pèdi tout tan tout tan an randevou doktè gen kounye a vin yon group. Men, lavi ki te okipe anpil - we're preparing to move back to our unsold house in Lancaster, OH and there is a lot to do in that regard.

I've settled into a routine with my recovery from CES, with no improvement in my symptoms except for more strength in my legs. This has allowed me to increase the distances I can cover using my cane and walking unassisted. One morning, two weeks ago, I walked unassisted for approximately 400 pye. I made it but that was it for the day - I had to use my rollator walker after that. The balancing effort really tired me.

My routine begins with rising in the morning 1 hour and 45 minutes before I leave for work. I go feed our cat and sit with her while she eats, following which I go change my diaper. Next up is a trip to the kitchen to fix my breakfast (some days Kim gets up and takes care of this - it depends on how she feels). I get out my bagel and cream cheese, the milk, and a Coke Zero. I put the bagel in the toaster oven and proceed to the dining room table where my glucometer and oral meds await.

After taking my blood sugar reading and downing my meds, I return to the kitchen to get the bagel out of the toaster oven and spread the cream cheese. I begin eating as I put things back in the fridge and return to the table to finish eating. After eating, I then take 2 spoons of fiber in a glass of water. I then mix a dose of MiraLax along with the Coke Zero in the glass and down it.

Why Coke Zero?

When I mix and drink the fiber, some of it sticks to the glass and spoon I used for stirring it. The residue sticks to the glass as if mixed with SuperGlue! 2 or 3 doses of fiber and it's time for a new glass and spoon. Sepandan, Coke products are very corrosive and clean the glass extremely well just by pouring it in the glass! Coke's "cleaning" capabilities have been proven by none other than the MythBusters.

Well after all of that, I then take a dose of each of my 2 insulins and head to the bathroom to shave and shower. Once completed there, I move to the bedroom where I stretch my hamstrings and do my foot flexor exercises. Then come the back stretches, piriformis stretches, and 2 different hip abductor exercises. Every few days I do balancing exercises after that.

I then get dressed and leave for work. Yep, due to being stiff and not having taken pain meds for over 8 hours while sleeping, this process takes me 1+45, whereas before my injury, I could be out the door 30 minutes after waking. Throughout the day, I don't sit for too long before getting up and walking around (ak kann) for a few minutes. I use the cane because of balance. The less I have to help me balance, the more energy is expended in walking. In any event, standing still is limited to a max of 3 minutes so often I have to get folks at work to walk while we talk. Otherwise I'd just have to walk away from them. Same thing at church.

Time to Adapt - ClockAfter getting home, activity varies between spending time with my wife, email, moving prep, tv, playing with our cat, and my blogs. There are also more exercises to do. The medical literature says that most of the recovery from CES happens in the first 6 months after surgery. I'll be there at that point in 3 weeks and I've really had no increase in sensation/feeling since around the 2 month mark. Everything is pretty steady. So maybe this is all I'll get back and will forever remain unable to feel normally in most of my body below my waist. No feeling at all in some of it, only painful sensations in most of it. Last night, while Kim was putting lotion on my legs, she gently gripped my right foot to move my leg's position. I jerked it out of her hand as fast as I could - it felt like she had taken a clamp and placed it very tightly on my foot. Of course she hadn't, but it sure felt that way!

So this is the routine now. How this fits into the next ministry stage God has in mind for me I do not know. Whatever it is, it must be important because of this training process I'm being put through. God is doing a great work in me, molding me into a better human being and becoming more Christ-like every day. I am grateful for the changes in my attitudes and outlook that He has affected through this affliction. But I obviously wish there was a less painful way to get through my thick skull.

Turkey tire swivi…

Pandan m 'pran bagay sa yo literalman, I don't think I'm quite as literal as Louie in the following story:

Louie ak madanm li yo koute radyo a lè yo tande rapò a move tan: "Genyen yon ijans nèj yo te deklare. Ou dwe pake machin ou sou bò ki enpè-resansman an, lari a." So Louie gets up and moves his car.

Two days later - same thing. "A snow emergency Continue reading Turkey tire swivi…