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クリスマスの挨拶と毎年の更新ビデオ – 3 私の & 30 秒

そのアップ! Ahead of time, たまには. And this one is our best yet! メリークリスマス & みなさんに祝福された新年.   デイビッド & キム


私は日曜日の朝に教会で非常に興味深いクラスに出席しています. It is based on the Body of Evidence study by Answers In Genesis. Our class is being led by a member who is a physical therapist. My wife has a degree in Biology and she is also finding the class interesting (having not used… さらにお得な読書…


Christmas Greetings from our home to yours – メリークリスマス! May you be blessed in this season as we celebrate Jesus’ 誕生!  

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