Cauda Equina Sindrom nimbulaké karusakan luwih

Kadang iku mung Panjenengan ora koyone kanggo mungkasi. Kaya aku wis syaraf regrowth sawise karusakan disebabake Pendhaftaran Cauda Equina Sindrom, Aku bisa kanggo aran sing pain ing tengen tungkak sing ora kaya pain ing tungkak liyane utawa sisih liyane saka tengen siji. I had it checked out… More Great Reading

Tambahan Karusakan saka Cauda Equina Sindrom

Walk This WayAs you know from having, or knowing someone who has, Cauda Equine sindrom, it makes a mockery of your walking gait. I’ve described myself as walking like Frankenstein. Now comes new, fun things that CES has done. Feeling has begun to return to the sides of my ankles. As it has, I’ve… More Great Reading

CES | Wulan 9 karo Cauda Equina Sindrom

Wulan 9 went into the history books on 11/11. I have continued to have improvement in the symptoms of my Cauda Equina Syndrome. Less of my legs are totally numb now, with about another 10% of the numb areas regaining tingly feeling over the course of the month. The bottoms of my feet feel less… More Great Reading

CES | Sasi 5 & 6

My 5 month anniversary of fighting Cauda Equina Syndrome has come and gone with a lot of busyness. So much so that I am less than a week from the end of Month 6. The seemingly perpetual parade of doctor appointments has now become a trickle. But life has been very busywe’re preparing… More Great Reading

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