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Salutem et annua Nativitatis Update Video – 3 mea & 30 sec

Eius up! Ahead of time, nam et quondam,. And this one is our best yet! Caro & Benedicta New Anno ad vos omnes.   David & Kim

Qui cadit in partes corporis agmini facere?

Im 'attendentes ad ecclesiam die dominico mane, genus ipsum dolor. It is based on the Body of Evidence study by Answers In Genesis. Our class is being led by a member who is a physical therapist. My wife has a degree in Biology and she is also finding the class interesting (having not used… Morbi euismod magna…


Christmas Greetings from our home to yours – Caro! May you be blessed in this season as we celebrate Jesus’ nativitate!  

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