Regressi sumus!

Fuit a diu, tardus trip, sed nos in clara! It has been a long while since I've posted. Life has been very, negotia pro nobis praelongum. Some of what was faced dictated that it would be better to remove this website and youtube videos from public view. For that, Ego sum paenitet.

My youtube video paene 700 views on it, Sic undas sontem bibe nunc et deinceps 1000! Getting the word out about life with CES. Based on interaction on the internet, est communius quam putant medici. It isn't, autem, sententiae, aut tibi in reliqua vita wheelchair. Maybe not even pain!

Quia nunc, I scribunt conscriptum hoc lacrimis mittis note. More coming soon!

14 Sep 2015