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Et accedam 55 annorum, I can say that I've had a great life, but I've also had challenges. I've always been one who wants to share the great things I find with others. Those who know, et scient quia ego me non inducere arcu. In and of myself, Non sum, qui nunquam fallitur in descript seniorem hunk, et non sum mentalis gigas. I am not particularly glib, nec habuero Gab. I am every man. As we all go through life, nos offenderint, sulum populus, loca, et eventus, quae sunt speciales. Some even change us for the rest of our lives and beyond. In my life, Ego plures res huiusmodi.

Primo quidem, et principaliter, Quia iterum Christianus natus fui Nov 17, 1980;
I nupsit et mirabilia mea sponsa, Kim, on Jan 26th, 1995;
An ego a cauda equina syndrome (CES), but through God's providence, obtinuerimus eximie bene. I am restricted in some areas, sed ego operor plenus tempus, in the field in which I've spent the prior 15+ annis.

Et circa hoc multorum unum hoc blog. My journey into this relatively unknown condition has been something akin to a corn maze... at night... non cum flashlight (aut alius alio lumine)... nova luna. Yeah, turbatio, conamina, FORMIDULOSUS, vagantem circa parum novit, quoniam in medicinae communitas / minus de CES. I've since found that other diseases and conditions are likewise obscure and information is scarce. So I'm going to talk about my journey in hopes that it will help others who, pro dolor,, eodem tramite.

Tu robur vitatis quasi cautibus tum spiritus et cecidi in quod. Lorem ipsum!


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