CES | Месец 4

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Да дури и се обиде листата секоја, или па дури и повеќето, на хронични болести кои не можете да кажете некој човек има само со гледање на нив.

Тие се нарекуваат "Невидливи болести."

За мене, тоа е cauda equina синдром (CES) И Дијабетес (Тип 2). David pic

Гледај во мене.

Изгледам болни?

Хронично, за остатокот од мојот живот болните?

Барем делумно, ако не и целосно, инвалиди и за остатокот од мојот живот?

I don't think so.

Двете страни на оградата

Сепак, јас сум. Не само што ми, но мојата сопруга премногу. Таа има дијабетес (Тип 2), Кардиомиопатија, и конгестивна срцева слабост (CHF). So we're both not only victims of these illnesses, но ние исто така имаат блиски близок страда од хроничен, невидливи болест. So our life contains not just a victim and caregiver spouse of such an illness, but each of us must take care of the other as well. How do we do it? We both take care of our diabetes treatment of insulin, meal planning, and exercise (very limited at this point due to the OTHER illnesses we deal with.) But there are things I cannot do without help, or at all. For those, my wife fills in. The same is true for her - there are things she cannot do or needs help doing.

Fortunately, God has blessed us in that for almost everything, one of us can still get the job done and help the other.


Looking forward

With mutual support against an identical foe, our diabetes management looks good.

My wife's battle with cardiomyopathy and CHF is one we are in retreat with right now. Нејзиниот кардиолог се менува тактика која се надеваме дека ќе ја стави назад на тврда подлога, but the battle is the Lord's. cant see

Мојата борба со CES е само 4 месеци. Страдав на почетокот од неправилна дијагноза. CES patients' best long term outcomes happen when surgical decompression occurs within 24 - 48 часа од почетокот на симптомите. Со пропуштени дијагноза, осигурителна компанија влечење на штикли на МНР, и викенд, го зеде 2 недели за мене да конечно да се декомпресија направено. Медицинска литература се наведува дека по 48 час прозорецот се затвора, понатамошно одложување на декомпресија има мал ефект врз исходот.

Имам она што физички терапевти и докторите се велејќи дека е добра наплата. Што значи тоа е:

  • Вкочанетост или трнење од половината надолу;
  • No ability to balance naturally since I have little to no feeling in my ankles and connecting areas in feet & legs;
  • Incontinence problems due to little to no feeling in the bladder, Цревата, and genitals;
  • Partial normal feeling in parts of both thighs;
  • Painful to the touch tingling in both shins, calves, and tops of feet;
  • Muscle cramps in calves which I rarely feel, but still have the weakness associated with them;
  • Walking is very tiring due to the effort required to not fall over due to lack of balance;
  • So I walk with a cane for anything over about 25 нозе, up to around 300 нозе, while more than that requires a walker or wheelchair;
  • I get to wear diapers again, like I did when I was a baby;
  • People think I'm doing something wrong since I'm not back to normal after a back surgery;
  • My Neurosurgeon says I will most likely always have SEXUAL DYSFUNCTION, WEAK LEGS and INCONTINENCE.


So I wonder why God has allowed this, and seek His word and direction. Already I've seen great benefits to me spiritually and in how I relate to people. I'm really seeing how others treat me and am relating it to how I've treated people in the past. God is really growing me, preparing me for a larger role in His kingdom's work here on earth. I've not been a "people" person, now I know that life is about people. Not me, not what I want, but about the people God has placed in my life. How can I help them? How does God want me to show His love to them through me? Through these trials... Јас сум learning to look through His eyes.

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    1. We most definitely are thankful for all that God allows. He has been so good to us through this time of intense growth. Thank you for your comments, Carolyn. We wish both you and Frank the best!

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