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Wat te zeggen als je gevraagd over je rug…

Many people do not understand Cauda Equina Syndrome. People ask me all the time, “How’s your back surgery doing?” To be fair, all they remember is that I had back surgery. I understand that. It’s not like they are family or close friends. I don’t remember the details of acquaintances’ medical problems. Dus, for all… Meer Geweldig Reading…

Naar onze speciale engel… wie je bent

    Thank you to our special Angel, whom God sent to bless us! Your gift that you offered up on July 22nd was received with great humbleness at your act of obedience and love. You will not know

Een tijdige herinnering van de Heer

Vandaag was een geweldige dag op Zagerij Baptist Church in Powell, Ohio. De Heer leidde de muziek precies waar mijn vrouw en ik zijn – wat een tijdige herinnering! Daarna predikte de pastoor een grote preek over

Oververhitting, The Final Chapter (wij hopen…)

Sooner or later it would come down to the water pump. First overheating episode was determined to be due to a faulty radiator header tank cap. That was replaced and no more overheats for several weeks. Dan, in OverheatingThe Sequel , we had to stop on the side of the road and call… Meer Geweldig Reading…

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