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Things that aren’t about the business of life, but pleasant (or unusual) diversions from the business of life.

Enjoying the Ohio weather & sunset

Beautiful sunset in Ohio, provided by GodAfter work this evening, we decided to get out of the house for a while and enjoy the wonderful weather today. We went to a park near our house. A lot of people were out playing basketball, soccer and walking/running on the paved trail. We were the slooooooowwwwww walkers.

We did take a nice walk. It wasn't a long one, but we walked to a bench part of the way around the trail. We sat and watched the people out and about, a CPD helicopter (an MD500) circling around the I-71 / Polaris Parkway interchange and of course the sunset.

And what a sunset! Staying until about sundown, look at what the Lord provided to cap off our enjoyment (note: some color correction was done in Blender). What a show!

Take care & God bless you!


Tyrkia skyter oppfølging…

While I do take things literally, I don't think I'm quite as literal as Louie in the following story:

Louie and his wife are listening to the radio when they hear the weather report: "A snow emergency has been declared. You must park your cars on the odd-numbered side of the street." So Louie gets up and moves his car.

Two days later - same thing. "A snow emergency Continue reading Tyrkia skyter oppfølging…

Har du tenkt når du spiser kinesisk, det er ikke svinekjøtt eller kylling, men en feit Siamese?

With apologies to Harry Chapin's "Cat er i Cradle", vi presentere deg med denne hysteriske riff som begynner med tittelen spørsmålet. Tross alt, selv de som kjemper en kronisk medisinsk tilstand (eller to) trenger å le!

Click to listen --->> catfood

sns chicken