Merry Christmas

Christmas Greetings from our home to yours – Merry Christmas!  May you be blessed in this season as we celebrate Jesus’ birth!  

Words that describe my experience with Cauda Equina Syndrome

Just recently I came across a passage in my study of the Bible which really spoke to me.  It showed me something that has happened with me, but I had not realized it.  In 1 Peter 4: 1-2, it is written, “1 Therefore, since Christ suffered in his body, arm yourselves also with the same… More Great Reading…

Update – 18 Months Ago… My Journey with Cauda Equina Syndrome Began

18 Months Ago… On Feb 11, 2013, I had never heard of Cauda Equina Syndrome (CES).  That changed the next day.  This very day, 18 months ago, I awoke with no feeling below my waist.  Something very wrong was going on with my body!  I didn’t know it then, but I was beginning the journey… More Great Reading…

Life is Short – Love Hard! Be Prepared!

Life is Short – Love Hard & Be Prepared  Sunday I was reminded of how short life can be when I received word that one of the young ladies in a youth group I worked with about 30 years ago, was found dead inside her home last Thursday morning.  She was 43 and leaves behind… More Great Reading…

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