Цауда екума 4-Год Упдате Релеасед!

I’ve been meaning to do annual updates, међутим, life was busy. I finally got this one donefor my 4th anniversary of living with Cauda Equina Syndrome. So without further ado, here is the 4-year update!  

Три године – Осврћући се на Имајући ЦЕС

Wow! I was looking at a picture on my phone the other day, cleaning off those that have been transferred to the computer. I came across a picture I took of 2 men ice fishing on Indian Lake. I didn’t know why I had kept that particular photo. Then I saw the date – 02/09/2013…. Више Велики читање…

Вратили смо се!

Прошло је дуго, споро путовање, but we’re back in the clear! It has been a long while since I’ve posted. Life has been very, врло заузет за нас предуго. Some of what was faced dictated that it would be better to remove this website and youtube videos from public view…. Више Велики читање…

Божић Честитка и годишње ажурирање видео – 3 мој & 30 сек

Његова се! Ahead of time, једном. And this one is our best yet! Срећан Божић & Блажени Нова година свима.   Давид & Ким

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