CES | Month 8 with Cauda Equina Syndrome

My 8th month with Cauda Equina Syndrome is in the books now and what a month!  We moved back to our old house on Sep 6th and began the process of unpacking.  I took time off from Sep 6 – 15 so I could help monitor the move (and maybe even help a little bit.) … More Great Reading…

CES | Months 5 & 6

My 5 month anniversary of fighting Cauda Equina Syndrome has come and gone with a lot of busyness.  So much so that I am less than a week from the end of Month 6. The seemingly perpetual parade of doctor appointments has now become a trickle.  But life has been very busy – we’re preparing… More Great Reading…

Overheating car, part 2

Well, the overheating car reared its ugly head once again today.  We were on our way home from church when the coolant temp began climbing.  The car had been staying under 200 (195 thermostat) unless we let it idle. Well today it idled for about 10 minutes before I got out of the church and… More Great Reading…

My new wristband for Cauda Equina Syndrome (CES)

My new CES Awareness wristband arrived yesterday. I custom ordered this just for me.  If I had it to do over,

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