Rebar پر چلنا اور دیگر عجیب چیزیں آپ CES کے ساتھ محسوس

Because nerves are the highways of our physical sensations, we can feel different types of pain, pleasure, tickling, being wet, hot, cold, sensations that aren't there, and several other sensations.

With Cauda Equina Syndrome, I think it falls more into just a few main types, with a lot of sub-types:

  • Normal feeling
  • Numb / no feeling - touch me, pinch me, or stick me with a pin - I won't know it
  • Tingly (Pins and needles) - Like your hand or foot went to sleep and is starting to wake up
    • Subtype - Not Painful - this just produces a strange feeling like a low level electric shock, not painful just strange
    • Subtype - Painful - this feels like anything from being stung by wasps to sticking your finger in an electrical outlet to putting your body part in a tight vise
    • Sub-subtypes:
      • Sub-subtype - Surface - this feeling only occurs at the surface, normal feeling occurs at muscle level
      • Sub-subtype - Deep - this goes right on through to your muscles
  • Nerve - This pain can take several forms:
    • Subtype - برقی جھٹکا - usually severe, sometimes less so - feels like what you would imagine 10,000 volts going through you would feel like
    • Subtype - Burning - yep, feels like the nerve is on fire
    • Subtype - Creepy Crawly - feels like "things" are crawling on you
    • Subtype - Stretched Out - feels like your nerve has been stretched and can't go any further (e.g. nerve running from hip to big toe - as you take a step with your other foot and your ankle bends, you get the distinct feeling that your toe will not bend any further to allow a bigger step - this is usually painful, sometimes not
    • Subtype - Phantom - any of the above that really isn't a physical cause for, but your irritated nerve thinks it is happening so you feel it anyway 🙁

With CES you can mix and match those all across your lower body and extremities. For example, I have a 2 inch wide strip across the front of my right thigh, just above my knee, which has normal feeling. The whole front of my left thigh has normal feeling...

I have very little area which has normal feeling, most is Tingly, Non Painful. My left foot is definitely Tingly Painful and the right foot is TINGLY PAINFUL!!!! Just ask my wife, she'll tell you. The worst thing about the right foot, though, is walking on it. No matter how expensive the cushion insert is it still feels as though I'm walking on rebar. You know, those iron poles with big raised spots on them that construction workers put into concrete to help it be much stronger? Yeah, those rebars. Next time you're at a home improvement or hardware store take a look at one. Then imagine having that in the heel of your shoe all day and night. Welcome to a tiny part of CES.

I've not seen any sensory improvement since sometime around mid-April of this year. By that I mean that the areas of my lower body which had no feeling, or abnormal feeling, are still the same. I noticed last week that a small strip down the middle of my right calf has gone from surface tingly NP to no feeling. At the same time I discovered that my right big toe now refuses to be lifted. This is definitely regression.

I don't know what is going on, but I know Who is in control of it. Without seeing God's hand in all of this, it would become easy to grow bitter and changing into a grump old man. But I'm not ready to make life miserable for everyone around me... at least not yet 😉

CES | ماہ 5 & 6

My 5 month anniversary of fighting Cauda Equina Syndrome has come and gone with a lot of busyness. So much so that I am less than a week from the end of Month 6.

ان 3

The seemingly perpetual parade of doctor appointments has now become a trickle. But life has been very busy - we're preparing to move back to our unsold house in Lancaster, OH and there is a lot to do in that regard.

I've settled into a routine with my recovery from CES, with no improvement in my symptoms except for more strength in my legs. This has allowed me to increase the distances I can cover using my cane and walking unassisted. One morning, two weeks ago, I walked unassisted for approximately 400 پاؤں. I made it but that was it for the day - I had to use my rollator walker after that. The balancing effort really tired me.

My routine begins with rising in the morning 1 hour and 45 minutes before I leave for work. I go feed our cat and sit with her while she eats, following which I go change my diaper. Next up is a trip to the kitchen to fix my breakfast (some days Kim gets up and takes care of this - it depends on how she feels). I get out my bagel and cream cheese, the milk, and a Coke Zero. I put the bagel in the toaster oven and proceed to the dining room table where my glucometer and oral meds await.

After taking my blood sugar reading and downing my meds, I return to the kitchen to get the bagel out of the toaster oven and spread the cream cheese. I begin eating as I put things back in the fridge and return to the table to finish eating. After eating, I then take 2 پانی کے ایک گلاس میں فائبر کی چمچ. میں تو گلاس میں اور اس کے نیچے کوک زیرو کے ہمراہ MiraLax کی ایک خوراک اختلاط.

کیوں کوک زیرو?

مجھے اختلاط اور ریشہ پینے جب, اس میں سے کچھ گلاس اور چمچ میں یہ stirring کے لئے استعمال سے چپک. گلاس پر اوشیشوں لاٹھی superglue ہے کے ساتھ ملا کے طور پر اگر! 2 یا 3 فائبر کی خوراک اور یہ ایک نیا گلاس اور چمچ کے لئے وقت ہو گیا ہے. تاہم, کوک کی مصنوعات بہت corrosive ہیں اور صرف گلاس میں بہا کر بہت اچھی طرح شیشے کو صاف! کوک کے "صفائی ستھرائی" صلاحیتوں کے علاوہ کوئی نہیں کی طرف سے ثابت کیا گیا ہے MythBusters.

ویسے اس میں سے سب کے بعد, پھر میں سے ہر ایک کی ایک خوراک لے میری 2 مونڈنا باتھ روم اور شاور کے لئے انسولین اور سر. ایک بار وہاں مکمل کی, میں سونے کے کمرے جہاں میں اپنے ہیمسٹرنگ بڑھاتے کرنے کے لئے منتقل اور میرے پاؤں flexor کے مشقیں. پھر واپس پھیلا آئے, piriformis پھیلا, اور 2 مختلف ہپ abductor مشقیں. ہر چند دنوں میں اس کے بعد مشقیں توازن کرو.

پھر میں ملبوس اور کام کے لئے چھوڑ جاتے ہیں. جی ہاں, وجہ سخت ہونے کی وجہ سے اور اس سے زیادہ کے لئے لیا درد meds کے نہ ہونے کے لیے 8 سوتے وقت کے گھنٹے, اس عمل کو مجھ سے لیتا ہے 1+45, میرے چوٹ کی وجہ سے پہلے جبکہ, میں نے دروازے سے باہر ہو سکتا ہے 30 جاگتے کے بعد منٹ. پورا دن, میں اٹھ رہا ہے اور ارد گرد چلنے سے پہلے زیادہ دیر تک بیٹھنے نہیں دیتے (چھڑی کے ساتھ) چند منٹ کے لئے. میں کیونکہ توازن کی چھڑی کا استعمال. اس سے کم میں نے میرے توازن کی مدد کرنی ہے, زیادہ توانائی چلنے میں خرچ کیا جاتا ہے. کسی بھی صورت میں, قائمہ اب بھی کی ایک زیادہ سے زیادہ کے لئے محدود ہے 3 منٹ تو اکثر میں ہم بات کرتے وقت چلنے کے لئے کام کی جگہ پر لوگوں کو حاصل کرنے کے لئے ہے. ورنہ میں صرف ان سے دور چل پڑے گا. چرچ میں ایک ہی بات.

اپنانے کرنے کے لئے وقت - گھڑیگھر حاصل کرنے کے بعد, activity varies between spending time with my wife, email, moving prep, tv, playing with our cat, and my blogs. There are also more exercises to do. The medical literature says that most of the recovery from CES happens in the first 6 months after surgery. I'll be there at that point in 3 weeks and I've really had no increase in sensation/feeling since around the 2 month mark. Everything is pretty steady. So maybe this is all I'll get back and will forever remain unable to feel normally in most of my body below my waist. No feeling at all in some of it, only painful sensations in most of it. Last night, while Kim was putting lotion on my legs, she gently gripped my right foot to move my leg's position. I jerked it out of her hand as fast as I could - it felt like she had taken a clamp and placed it very tightly on my foot. Of course she hadn't, but it sure felt that way!

So this is the routine now. How this fits into the next ministry stage God has in mind for me I do not know. Whatever it is, it must be important because of this training process I'm being put through. God is doing a great work in me, molding me into a better human being and becoming more Christ-like every day. I am grateful for the changes in my attitudes and outlook that He has affected through this affliction. But I obviously wish there was a less painful way to get through my thick skull.

ترکی کی پیروی گولی مار…

میں لفظی چیزیں لے کرتے, I don't think I'm quite as literal as Louie in the following story:

وہ موسم کی رپورٹ سن لوئ اور اس کی بیوی ریڈیو سن رہے ہیں: "ایک برف ایمرجنسی کا اعلان کر دیا گیا ہے. آپ سڑک کے طاق کی طرف آپ پر کاریں پارک کرنا ہوگا." So Louie gets up and moves his car.

Two days later - same thing. "A snow emergency Continue reading ترکی کی پیروی گولی مار…