Khi Tiến sĩ. nói nó sẽ chỉ mất 1/2 giờ…

Went to have my annual oncology exam for my left eye. Discovered about 6 năm trước, it seems I've had a mole on the back of the inside of my left eye. This mole, also known as a "nevus" was regularly measured by my ophthalmologist each year. Trong 2012, he thought it looked like the mole had grown. So he sent me to an ocular oncologist at the Havener Eye Institute of The Ohio State University Medical Center.



The drill there was to take pictures of the nevus, then measure it by ultrasound. The ultrasound requires placing the transmitter directly in contact with the eye and moving it around across the eye. Sounds icky, doesn't it?

Trong 2012, the report was that all was well - no blood vessels in the nevus, it was very thin, and it really hadn't grown. It was due to measuring error at the regular doctor.

Well that part of this year's exam went fine again and I was right on my planned schedule to be out of there in 1:20 phút. Then the doctor said, "I noticed in the pictures that some blood vessels look like they may be leaking." Now this is called diabetic retinopathy and is what leads to blindness when untreated. I had it in my right eye in 2006, so the words were familiar. "If you have the time," she continued, "I'd like for you to have another test done." This test involves injecting dye and taking a series of pictures of the eye to see if any of the dye is leaking from the suspected blood vessels.

"How long will it take?", I asked. The response? "Oh, về 30 minutes."

Like P.T. Barnum's famous sucker, I gave the go ahead for the procedure, knowing that I could cut my lunchtime short in order to get to work on time.

Tất nhiên, since none of this extra test was on anyone's schedule, it took 30 minutes to get worked back into the photo lab's schedule then over an hour until I could squeeze into the Dr.'s rotation. Finally, she came in. She told me everything looked fine and she'd see me in a year. In and out in 1 minute flat.

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Moral of the story - when the Doctor says, "It will only take ...", DON"T BELIEVE THEM!!!!

In the end, I took the rest of the day off, because with the delay I would have only been there 2 hours anyway. But it would have been a much more relaxed day if I'd known that beforehand.


Tôi, despite all of the extra waiting, glad I had it done. A good report and it saved me another trip downtown! Win/win - you can't beat that!

Không khí nóng (cũng, thực sự, làm mát động cơ)


This week, của chúng tôi 98 Cadillac đã bắt đầu bị rò rỉ nước làm mát động cơ. NOT a good thing...

Vì vậy, chúng tôi đã mang nó đến cửa hàng. Hóa ra đó là một nắp bộ tản nhiệt xấu đi.

This IS a good thing...

Với CES của tôi, Tôi cần một chiếc xe với hơn phòng trung bình để có được trong và ngoài. Vehicles with ingress and egress which require acrobatic skills are not good. Đối với tôi, that is most vehicles.

Since our "Piggy" is old, we know that sooner or later, a repair will be needed that is worth more than the car is. But for now, other than the gas, she's cheap transportation. DRIVE ON!!




Mất kiên nhẫn với Thiên Chúa…

Bạn đã bao giờ tự hỏi một phiên tòa sẽ kéo dài bao lâu? Hoặc trải qua nhiều thử nghiệm cùng một lúc? Nếu vậy, perhaps you feel as I do sometimes...

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Like this faithful dog, I sometimes feel as though I've sat in the downpour of troubles and trials for plenty long enough. Và tôi tự hỏi, "Why hasn't God acted?"

As I thought about it, and asked Him, He responded. "How patient was I with you?", God asked.

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"How many times did I reach out for you only to be pushed away and ignored? For how long did I offer you my love before you accepted it?", He wanted to know. "And once you did come to me," He continued, "how many times have you fallen down over simple things that should not cause you problems any longer? Which have you done more - made time for me or spent time on you?"

I realized that God is infinitely more patient with me than I am with Him. The graphic to the right says it all - especially when the "someone" it refers to is God.

How humbling this is, how freeing this is, if only I can put it into action through faith.

Knowing that God is a patient God. He waited 4,000 years to send Jesus to pay for mankind's sins.

He pursued me for 22 years before His patience paid off.

I've fallen more times than I can count.

Yet, still He loves me. He. Still. LOVES. ME!

Is the night any brighter? Không, just as dark. Is the night any shorter? Không, just as long. But again is that peace of knowing that He loves me and that makes me willing to sit in that downpour until He causes the sun to shine again. And He will... it's just a matter of time.

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