Enjoying the Ohio weather & sunset

After work this evening, we decided to get out of the house for a while and enjoy the wonderful weather today. We went to a park near our house. A lot of people were out playing basketball, soccer and walking/running on the paved trail. We were the slooooooowwwwww walkers. We did take a nice… 更多精彩閱讀…

聖誕賀卡和年度更新視頻 – 3 我的 & 30 秒

其高達! Ahead of time, 一次. And this one is our best yet! 聖誕節快樂 & 有福新年大家.   大衛 & 金


雖然我不拿東西字面上, 我不覺得我很為文字作為路易在下面的故事: 路易和他的妻子都在聽收音機時,他們聽到氣象報告: “積雪的緊急已宣布. 您必須停放在街道上的奇數側你的車。” 所以路易得到… 更多精彩閱讀…

你有沒有想過,當你吃中國, 它不是豬肉或雞肉, 但脂肪連體?

與道歉哈利蔡平的 “貓的搖籃”, 我們為您介紹這熱鬧的riff,開始於標題問題. 畢竟, 即使是那些誰是戰鬥慢性疾病 (兩) 需要笑! 點擊試聽 —>> CATFOOD