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Many people do not understand Cauda Equina Syndrome. People ask me all the time, “How’s your back surgery doing?” To be fair, all they remember is that I had back surgery. I understand that. It’s not like they are family or close friends. I don’t remember the details of acquaintances’ medical problems. 所以, for all… 更多精彩阅读…

我们的特别天使… 你是何人

    Thank you to our special Angel, whom God sent to bless us! Your gift that you offered up on July 22nd was received with great humbleness at your act of obedience and love. You will not know


今天是在锯木厂浸信会在鲍威尔一个伟大的日子, 俄亥俄. 主指示在那里我和妻子是音乐权利 – 什么是及时提醒! 然后牧师讲道上的一个伟大的讲道

过热, 最后一章 (我们希望…)

迟早会回落到水泵. 第一过热情节被确定为是由于一个错误的散热器上水箱盖. 被替换,并没有更多的过热的几个星期. 然后, 在过热 – 续集 , 我们不得不停止在路的一侧,并调用… 更多精彩阅读…