Real Dutxa bat cauda equina sindromea batekin bizitzea bitartean

Cauda Equina Syndrome Finally Singing in the ShowerI've reached another milestone! This week I was able to take a full shower while standing!

That doesn't sound like a big deal to some, baina guri nork cauda equina sindromea aurre denbora luzera edozein zutik ez da aukera bat. One of the things CES takes from you is leg strength. Even if feeling returns, indarra beharbada ez. So to stand in the shower for the few minutes it takes to shower, eta dutxa duten neke fisikoa gehituz, niretzat mugarri nagusietako bat da!

One letdown though is that it did take so much strength that I can't do it every day, or even most days... oraindik. But the future is before us and we shall see what it brings, baina oraingoz ezin dut ditch dutxa egoitza. I am currently passing Month 13 CES-ekin, so I've really got to get busy on my Month 12 eta Hilabetea 13 txostenak! Hope to have them up this weekend.