Blog titre a changé, mais encore sur le syndrome de la queue de cheval & moi

Je have changed the title of my blog. Pourquoi? Pas de l'ennui ou tout simplement aimer le changement, beaucoup de choses ont passé depuis mon dernier post. I'll soon post about it, but for now we can say that the Lord has changed my view of what has happened to me... Ses objectifs immédiats et derrière elle.

My faith has seen me through this "Battle" avec Syndrome de la queue du cheval (CES) thus far, but I had no idea where my faith journey was heading. Oui, I wondered why this had happened, what God wanted me to learn and how I should view it. We all know that bad things happen to good people and good things happen to bad people. We always want to know why and often the answer we get is that we may never know why in this lifetime so we just have to live with it. I've heard a lot over the years about people with terrible injuries and diseases "combats" or "battling" those things which seek to either ruin or take their life. Friends and relatives have been touched by, and some lost to, injuries or disease. Now it is my turn.

What I came to realize is that I had stopped growing spiritually and I was barely being effective in God's Kingdom. God wanted so much more from me but I had succumbed to "The Rat Race" and devoted myself to my work. Don't get me wrong, work is important, but so much more had suffered. My relationship with my wife, my time and service to God and the joy was gone from my life. Through this time of a changed life, where the daily routine of getting up and going to work is a draining physical challenge for me, I've seen myself as battling CES as though my faith, grit and determination were being tested. While they were being tested, that wasn't all. My focus had been on recovering far more than the doctors and physical therapists ever thought I could, further than the medical research said I could. I was going to win my "Battle". I didn't, and don't, hold out the idea of a complete recovery but my goal has been to be able to walk without assistance again - a lofty goal for someone with CES.

It was my attitude that needed changing. I saw this as a challenge where my faith would see me through and coming out the other side of this I would give the credit to God. I would be a faithful soldier in His service. Nothing wrong with that, but... God wanted me. All of me. He has wanted all of me for a long time. I thought I had given myself to Him fully many years ago. He has used me in so many ways everywhere I've lived. But as I said, I had slowly slipped back in to taking His blessings and running with it for my own purposes without even considering His. My wife tried to help me see it, but I was too focused on my goal - which had been so out of reach and now, because of God's blessing, was within my grasp. My attitude had slowly changed and was no longer good. God's smackdown on me physically also affected me emotionally, mentally and spiritually as well. Finalement, everything was stripped away but the spiritual. I found that I had taken myself back from God and He was calling me to give myself completely to Him. Only this time, I understand there is much more depth in this commitment than I ever thought possible before.

In the Ohio derecho storms of June 29, 2012, we lost an old Ash tree that was 85 feet in length. Two men gave us a really good quote on cutting up the tree, removing the stump, and hauling it all away. They figured they could do it in 2 days, 6 hours a day . The stump was incredibly stubborn. Once they started on it, they found it had thick roots running out in all directions for many, many feet. It was too thick for their saws. They chopped at it with axes and worked 3 days from morning till dark. They even had another person come help. And still the stump remained. Finally they rented a stump grinder and did their best. That stump beat them badly for days. In the end, they accomplished what we needed leaving a small mound where the tree had been, cependant, there are still roots under that mound. And they had spent over 40 hours on the project. Their quote earned them less than $6 per hour.

That's how it is when I first gave myself "fully" to God. I saw what looked like full commitment and made that commitment. Over time, there was more and more revealed but I had my goals and dreams too and there was no time, no room, for truly giving myself to God as fully as He wanted. In time, I took back what I had given Him. Suddenly, this year, God changed all of that. Stricken with an injury that would change the rest of my life, taking away many of the things I wanted to do and accomplish, I now had time for Him. I've learned that He wants all of me, and I've made that commitment to Him. Maintenant, whatever recovery I have is fine with me. Of course being who I am, I will still be pushing for the best results possible. As with many whom God used in the past, He has place His mark of ownership on me - my CES. It is a reminder of whose I am, whose strength I depend on, and who has complete control of my life. We are not to give God a little, or even a large, part in our lives. He wants our whole life to be a part of His. He wants to live out His life through us. That's what the Bible means when Paul wrote in the 8th Chapter of Romans that we who believe are being shaped and molded by God to be just like Jesus. Not just our character, but character drives motivation, and out of motivation comes actions. God uses the events in our lives to transform us (Romans 12), and He transforms us into people who think, act, speak, and love just like Jesus. Pourquoi? So He can reach people who don't know, or those who don't care about His love.

No wonder so many in America today don't want anything to do with Christianity or church - look at how we Christians live! That isn't God's plan. Time for me to get with the plan. And I no longer fight CES, but it is a mark of ownership on me and of my commitment to God. So it is now "Ma vie avec le syndrome de la queue de cheval" and thus the new name for my blog.


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  1. […] Je ris quand je lis ces! Eh bien autant que l'on peut rire tandis que dans le pire douleur que je ai jamais senti. I already had most of these return or get immediate attention symptoms!! La femme a dit que ce sont seulement des instructions d'évacuation génériques pour les hernies discales et pas spécifique à moi. La plupart des Etats de la littérature médicale que de décompression chirurgie doit être faite dans 24-48 heures ou le résultat est bien pire. Une fois ceux 48 heures ont disparu, vous êtes assez bien va se retrouver handicapé pour le reste de votre vie. Ainsi dit la littérature. Je peux vous dire dès maintenant que ce ne est pas toujours le cas comme je suis la preuve vivante, mais ceci est une autre histoire. Autres littérature médicale indique que la chirurgie doit être faite dans 6-12 heures pour effectuer l'issue. D'autres études disent que le temps de la chirurgie ne modifie pas le résultat. Pourquoi une telle divergence? Syndrome la queue de cheval est rare. Personne ne sait exactement comment rare, mais mes recherches des estimations disponibles indiquerait pas plus de quelques centaines de nouveaux cas par an aux États-Unis. Il a finalement pris 2 semaines pour mon opération à effectuer. La chirurgie au Riverside Methodist Hospital à Columbus, OH est bien passé, Je suis passé par Rehab aiguë pendant une semaine après la chirurgie. Je suis ensuite allé à travers 15 séances de physiothérapie à NOVACARE à Westerville, Ohio. Mon résultat est que je dois encore quelque sentiment normal dans ma zone de la taille un peu dans mes cuisses et mes tibias. Je dois picotements douloureux dans d'autres parties de mes cuisses et mes pieds. Mes mollets sont pour la plupart moins engourdi pressé sur – alors je peux dire à la jambe muscles sont à l'étroit, mais la bonne nouvelle est que je ne peux pas sentir les crampes. Je fais des étirements plusieurs fois par jour pour les veaux et les ischio-jambiers. Je l'utilise vision pour l'équilibre et la faiblesse de la jambe a diminué, i.e. force est de retour, au point où je peux marcher sur 500 pieds avec une canne et environ 125 pieds sans assistance. L'intestin et le fonctionnement de la vessie est qu'elles fonctionnent, Je ne peux pas les contrôler ou savoir quand je dois aller – Je reçois surprises. Je tente d'aller sur un horaire régulier pour éviter les surprises et je peux dire la plupart du temps quand ma vessie se rapproche du point de fuite. Je reçois une minute ou deux de mise en garde sur les mouvements de l'intestin la plupart du temps, mais je ne me sens pas en général les. En d'autres termes, ma chirurgie retardée aurait dû me laisser handicapé, au lit, me cathing, et sur les analgésiques. Je travaille à temps plein, ambulatoire suis sur de courtes distances ne pas avoir besoin cathing, et je suis sur doux, des analgésiques non narcotiques. En bref, ma reprise a été très. L'un des meilleurs. Cependant, Je dois encore une vie de tous les jours est un défi physique et lutte. Cela ne changera pas, ce qui est correct (sujet d'une autre histoire.) Je faisais beaucoup de me demander si je me serais de retour à la normale, ou presque normale, avais-je eu une chirurgie rapidement, dans 48 heures. Sentant que les soins que je recevais du médecin urgentiste a été négligent, Je prenais tout à un Columbus, OH avocat. Il a appelé un autre avocat à Cleveland, OH pour une deuxième opinion. Ils ont tous deux convenu que la faute professionnelle a été commise, que le médecin urgentiste “échappé la balle” comme l'un des avocats le mettre. Cependant, en raison des normes pour les allégations de faute professionnelle dans l'Ohio, les deux avocats ont estimé que prouver que la négligence du médecin grandement affecté mon résultat (ma vraiment beaucoup mieux que prévu par le résultat de faits) serait un défi insurmontable au tribunal. Puisqu'il en est la partie qui motive réellement le montant de tout règlement, et donc les frais de l'avocat, my remarkable recovery makes pursuing the malpractice and negligence of the ER doctor not feasible. Ainsi, le résumé est que les lois de l'Ohio disent que ce que je suis passé par, et passera par le reste de ma vie, revient à rien. Notre système juridique est telle que seuls les cas lucratifs sont poursuivis. Et notre système de santé ne éduque pas les médecins, infirmières, et les premiers intervenants de façon adéquate ni ne les tenir à jour. Avait le médecin urgentiste a réalisé que la rétention de la vessie et non seulement l'incontinence est un indicateur, nous aurions été en or. L'information concernant la rétention est largement disponible sur Internet et dans des revues médicales. Pour actualiser le diagnostic correct sur la base de 1 symptôme est pas ce que je veux dans un médecin. Je pense que la justice a perdu dans celui-ci. Cependant, Je suis en paix avec ce que je raconte dans ce post – Mon Blog titre a changé mais encore de syndrome de la queue de cheval et moi. […]

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