Fai hoxe un ano…

.1-year later

Foi 1 ano hoxe, meu cordón espinal foi ferido. That injury led to Síndrome de cabalos Cauda dentro 36 horas. I didn't know it then, but my life was about to change forever...

Todo en todos, I really wouldn't give it back. Yes, Eu odio as limitacións físicas que teño agora. At the same time, Eu estaba en liberdade espiritual e emocional. I am so much closer to God today and more free in my relationships because of the turmoil and changes which Cauda Equina Syndrome caused in my life.

Na próxima semana vou ter unha especial 1 edición do meu informe mensual ano. It will be yet another step forward in my journey. Be watching for it and join me.