Cauda Equina Syndrome – Nyem unforeseen

I really didn't want to believe it...

Tiam sis hnub no tau tseeb.

as thiv tas los, Kuv muaj ntau zog teeb meem nrog kuv tshuav. Now that really helps when I've also got a torn peroneal tendon on the right ankle! Xijpeem, Thursday evening my Cauda Equina Syndrome upped the ante - I got increased pain in my right foot/ankle (nerve pain, muscle cramps, imaginary pain - all of it).

ps21v14So imagine my surprise when late on Saturday, just before bedtime, the balance returned along with greatly decreased pain!! I went to bed thinking it to be a fluke. I didn't mention it to my wife because I thought it was just one of those transitory things we get when we suffer with CES.

Well Sunday morning, the pain was still very low. We went on to church and came home. I waited for the pain to increase... After returning home from church Sunday evening I was very hopeful that a permanent change had occurred, but still I waited.

On waking this morning, my feet felt like I could run on them again if not for the tendon. Of course my legs wouldn't let me run anyway, but it had now been over 36 hours - long enough to declare that my foot pain has dramatically changed for the better. All of this just after the 1 year mark. In fact, as I post this, tomorrow marks the 1 year anniversary of my decompression surgery.


I've also regain some feeling in the back (hamstring) area of my left leg - that's new feeling too! So progress continues. God has a wonderful sense of timing - just when you think you need encouragement in one area, He gives you encouragement in another. And that encouragement reaches out and stretches itself right into the area you need it to go. So that is a double blessing! Thank you, Lord!

Continuing the walk...